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Land owner preference
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From: Irishman
I'm looking at the elk permit drawing statistics for 2016. I didn't realize that land owners got such a high percentage of some of the most sought after permits. In unit 380 for example 20 of the 120 permits go to land owners each year (almost 50% odds for the 40 or so who apply), while the odds for anyone else are right about 1 in 100. If they were to use the permit on their own land only, or they had to open up their land for others it might make some sense, but it appears that neither of these is the case. So why the preferential treatment?

From: Carnage2011
Mainly because a ton of elk spend time on private property. In unit 380 a ton of elk winter in private property.

From: phutch30
a lot of them summer on the fields in 380 too.

You have to own 640 acres to get LP which allows you hunt the entire district if you draw. 15 % of tags go to landowners and 10 % go to NR. Typically you also draw the B cow tags as well. Buy your 640 in a good elk area with low population of landowners with 640 acres or more.

From: Irishman
Well, I'm not about to go buy 640 acres just so I can get preferential treatment on an elk draw. If someone is a landowner who opens up their private land to the public in the block management system, then by all means allow them preferential treatment as a reward. However, if they just own the land, and allow no one to hunt it but themselves, then I don't understand why they get anything. If they are worried about elk wintering on their property, then wouldn't they allow people to hunt it?

".... if they just own the land, and allow no one to hunt it but themselves, then I don't understand why they get anything." To understand you should recognize that agriculture in Montana has been "king" since statehood and thus the legislation passed in Helena has provided such "perks" to landowners. But it is also helpful to realize that farmers and ranchers provide great habitat for our wildlife and historically they have contributed time, efforts, and resources to enhance wildlife. The efforts of ranchers were critical to bringing elk back to the Breaks many decades ago.

From: Irishman
Straight Arrow, I can see your point somewhat. However, if they don't allow anyone to hunt the wildlife, then it becomes their wildlife, not ours.

A landowner that does not hunt or if it is a corporation can designate a person of their choosing for the landowner draw

Sections that have correction lines that that are not 640 acres do not qualify for landowner drawings

From: Dirtknap37
Lol!! You should see the land owner preference in 690!!!. The SAME families/hunters continually draw the sought after bull tag every year or two. I think it's crap that they can draw, shoot a giant bull and then draw it again the next year. You should have to wait 5 years to draw if you just drew it the year before IMO. I know MANY landowners that continually do this year after year. Someone in their "family" seems to draw a coveted tag every year. But in all honesty, I would probably do the same if I could. I really think that a 5 year wait wouldn't hurt for someone who shoots a 370"+ every year on landowner preference.

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