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NR needs Valles Caldera help
New Mexico
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whipranger 13-Apr-17
HDE 13-Apr-17
Barrera 19-Apr-17
Malba320 24-Apr-17
HDE 24-Apr-17
Key 24-Apr-17
BillL 24-Apr-17
From: whipranger
I was lucky enough to pull a NR tag and could use some help. Anything would help, access roads, trails, camping spots, things or places to avoid. Thanks

From: HDE
Go to the Valles Caldera website to get started. Some of us only know what we do when hunted a few years back when it was a preserve under different management. Only recently has it become managed by the NPS, but there are some who have recently hunted that will hopefully chime in.

I do know that now there are designated camping places within and you can pack in and camp. Also, several roads once open are now closed.

Lots of good bulls and activity. Shouldn't have a problem getting into them and having a good experience.

From: Barrera
Whip Ranger, I'm sure you've already got some good info on the VC. I have hunted it and familiar with the ways it's now run and access points. If you need info pm me.

From: Malba320
Congrats whipranger I am in the same boat with the same NR tag archery late season. I have been working up in the area and know a bit about the area. After researching the new management I understand many roads have been deemed off limits. I'm curious as to quality of bull in the area. I here the experience will be great, I have plenty of meat in freezer so I am happy eating tag if I don't have an opportunity on the right bull. I'm looking for 350+ I'm curious if certain areas of the caldera hold better bulls and also how the antler growth will be this year related to precipitation. Nice so see somebody Else on here I will keep you posted if I find anything else out and I would love to know as much as possible from anybody out there that has hunted it. I remember there was a list of the biggest bulls taken on the valles caldera site a few years back but it seems that site is gone and the list is unobtainable. I would love to see some pictures of some of the bigger bulls to get an idea of the genietics up there. I understand a 391 was taken one year, and some 370-380 class bulls as well. Man I'd love to see pictures of those bulls.

Thanks fellas!

From: HDE
Big bulls were taken early on when it first opened, then the size began to dwindle a little. With increased human activity, don't snub your nose at a 330" bull, unless you have a dozen of them under your belt...

Hoping to get on a 350 bull on my hunt, but I ain't holding my breath.

From: Key
My wife drew the VC Muzzleloader Bull hunt. I plan on scouting (on trail) in late summer and fall and will let you know what I see. I'd also love to hear any tips as well. I think I'll probably do most navigating via a mountain bike while on the VC.

From: BillL
Buddy of mine took a 310" 6x6 on his third evening from about 200 yards, back in the day. Before he shot it he said "It looks kinda schmall." Fat old yote ate the tenderloins. Last time I looked, the bull harvest rate was higher than the cow harvest rate.

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