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Looking for a GPS card for Manitoba
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Jeff in MN 14-Apr-17
Jeff in MN 29-Apr-17
APauls 02-May-17
Bear Track 12-Jun-17
Hitman 22-Jun-17
From: Jeff in MN
I have a bear hunt booked in a few weeks and would like to get a good map for my Garmin GPS. Can anyone suggest a source? The area I need is the Mantagao Wilderness Area near Moosehorn.

I have been looking online and can't find any that seem like they will be of much value yet they cost $100 US. Does anyone know of any that show more than just topo features and roads at a more reasonable price?

Hope someone actually sees this before my hunt is over. ;-)

From: Jeff in MN

Jeff in MN's Link
In case anyone ever reads this, the garmin web site offers a topo only map for Canada.

Otherwise I found the forum in the link above that might allow you to download the same maps for free but they say it takes a long time to download, like hours.

From: APauls
I have found that mapping for Manitoba in any respect is severely lacking. Topography is fairly simple: Flat. Your best mapping is google maps for around here as far as I know. Your GPS will get you through your hunt fine.

From: Bear Track
I downloaded Topo Maps app for free and is very good with my hunting area just north of where you are going.

From: Hitman

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