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Montana elk drawing process
Contributors to this thread:
Fishnhunt 18-Apr-17
pop-r 19-Apr-17
RobinHood 20-Apr-17
From: Fishnhunt
Just checked on line for status off non res drawing for combo tag and status changed from pending to not successful. Strange considering have not sold out in a few years. Admin at Montana Game and fish said drawing is not final and status could change. Does anyone have experience with drawing process and does this sound correct?

From: pop-r
I told people it was coming! Gotta buy the point! This is one year it would've guaranteed you a tag! I'm gonna draw! Yipppeee!!

From: RobinHood
Never heard that before. Since it's done by computer, it should be all done at one time; the draw is the draw! Fishnhunt, if you don't get drawn, send PM and I'll give you info on how to try an alternate route.

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