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Anybody hunt Turkey here???
Rhode Island
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Red Godin 20-Apr-17
Pi 13-Aug-17
From: Red Godin
Does anyone bow hunt turkey on this board? I have made half hearted attempts before but have not had any success calling them. I have not seen them from my blind but see them everywhere I can't hunt like the highway, residential areas, schools, etc.....gonna try harder this year but was looking for pointers on calls. Gobbler? purr? assembly? Any advice will be appreciated. Red

From: Pi
I took a few turkeys several years back. A few turkeys ran off with my arrows too. Makes for expensive eating. That said : find where they are roosting or where you see them feeding and be there in the morning. A simple setup is easiest like a burlap camouflage sheet and some light brush . Go easy on the box calling or mouth diagram especially when they are coming at you. They expect to see something that looks like a turkey but it isn't necessary if someone calls from behind you. say 20 yards or so. Or call and move forward but don't get caught moving .

Where they eat is where there is food. Look around for the scratch patches in the woods and find that group . They will eat bird food .

I have so many turkeys around here that they can be approached if one walks slowly . Or opens a window . Keep trying and you will find what works with your local gobblers.

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