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Deer and elk results posted!
Contributors to this thread:
svrelk 20-Apr-17
Bigdan 21-Apr-17
dr. bob 21-Apr-17
JMG 22-Apr-17
SmokedTrout 26-Apr-17
From: svrelk
But don't log in and check.. cause system is down and I need for it to clear up so I can check my results..ok???

Good luck y'all!

From: Bigdan
We all drew our archery tags and my Granddaughter that's 14 drew her first tag ever A breaks ES rifle elk tag

From: dr. bob
drew mine but a lot of my friends didn't draw, so much for the 98% F&G pushed.

From: JMG
Well, my neighbor, his partner, my brother and I did not draw our HD 410 archery permit. It's not the first time, so off to the mountains we go.

From: SmokedTrout
Nothing but bonus points here. Par for the course.

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