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Weekend Warrior 24-Apr-17
Barrera 26-Apr-17
Dyjack 27-Apr-17
Dyjack 27-Apr-17
smarba 28-Apr-17
Weekend Warrior 30-Apr-17
Does anyone have any experience using the lens kit for the Ascent? 2X vs 4X? Good for hunting as well as 3D? Need a clarifier on the peep? Any info would be appreciated.

From: Barrera
Hey weekend warrior I don't think it's legal to hunt with the magnification lense. At least that's what I was told by another.

From: Dyjack
New Mexico law is "Sights on bows may not magnify targets or project light (lighted pins are acceptable). Arrows must have broadheads ( xed or mechanical) with steel cutting edges. No drugs may be used on a hunting arrow and arrows cannot be driven by explosives."

From: Dyjack
Sorry kind of dodged the question. Haven't used any of those.

From: smarba
Correct Barrera and Dyjack; NM lists manifying as illegal. I informed a friend of mine that because he has a 2x and no surpise he wasn't aware of the law.

I wasn't aware of that either. Thanks

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