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Possible Move to FL
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From: Silverado
Well, it's looking more and more likely that my wife and I will be relocating to FL in the next 6-12 months...Somewhere between Gainesville and Ft. Meyers. We went down and looked at property and compared to our current location (MA), we can get a lot for the $$.

The key is the hunting? I hope to buy 20-30 acres, but am hoping for some decent public hunting as well. Would love to hunt hogs again (used to live in TX), and still chase deer and turkey.

Thanks for any comments.


From: itshot
the further north the better the climate in fall, hunting is pretty good most anywhere there's woods

public hunting can be great if you put your time in scouting, probably much less pressured compared to most of the NE

it is different in many ways but you will enjoy it, and you likely wont get stuck in ice storms

From: JL

JL's Link
If you do move to Florida and become a resident, I might suggest getting a Lifetime Gold Sportsman License. It's spendy up front BUT it covers just about everything hunting and fishing except a few things AND you don't have to pay future license increases. Plus once you get it and decide to move out of Florida it's still valid regardless if you change residency to another state. I got mine in 2010 while still a Florida resident and active duty. When I got out of the military in 2011 I became a Michigan resident. Been back to Florida every year hunting, fishing or both. The cost of the lifetime license will be recouped in a couple years or so. Just a thought...

If you get your property in the right location you can draw in some hogs. My hunting consisted of private farmland in the Pensacola area and the public WMA's in the Daytona area. Those can be hit hard but there are some ok deer and hogs there. Ticks, skeeters and chiggers are in the woods so heads up on that. There is some great year round saltwater fishing to be had on both coasts if you live near either.

From: Silverado
Thanks, guys...appreciate the comments and advice.

From: itshot

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get a subscription to this magazine, covers all the important stuff in FL & S Ga.

From: itshot

itshot's Link
some hog hunting oppurtunties

From: Moben
Hunting and Fishing are free after age 65 so don't buy any lifetime licenses if you are getting close.

From: JL
The free hunting and fishing for 65 and older is only good as long as you maintain your Florida residency. If you change your residency to another state you loose the free ride regardless of age.....unless you buy a Lifetime Sportsman's License while a Florida resident.

From: DWSewell
Hey JL, Where in PCola did you use to hunt? I just got stationed here and I'm looking for some good places public/ private.

From: JL
DW, I had private land. I suggest going to the co-ops and feed stores out in the country and asking around which farmers have hog problems. Then it's a matter of knocking on doors and introducing yourself and maybe offering some farm help in exchange for hunting access.

DW, Look into the La Floresta clubs in Walnut Hill...These clubs are in the North end of Escambia County. The hunting is good and the clubs get doe tags. The deer in my profile pictures were killed there.

From: JL
I was hunting just down the road from Walnut Hill. Stopped in the Tom Thumb at 97/29 many a times for some boiled peanuts across the street.

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