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which unit with a commissioners tag ?
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Birddog 29-Apr-17
wytex 01-May-17
Birddog 02-May-17
pop-r 14-May-17
From: Birddog
I was very fortunate to have won a Wyoming commissioners tag. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for an unguided,do it yourself archery elk hunt. I'm considering units 22,30,31 or 124. All units that I've dreamed of hunting but even with max points units That I will never draw. Any recommendations based on experience from hunting any of these units would be greatly appreciated. My thanks to the Muley Fanatic Foundation for the great job they are doing funding wildlife research and habitat projects. Check out for the latest on the "Deer Elk Ecology Research Project " in SW Wyoming.

From: wytex
How about areaa 11? Congrats and hope you get a big one!!

From: Birddog
Thank you Wytex. I'll take a look at it.

From: pop-r
I don't have a clue what unit but I'd dang near offer mine & my stocks help for free just to be a part of that!

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