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Monona County???
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Scooby-doo 29-Apr-17
Scooby-doo 18-May-17
Ollie 02-Jun-17
Scotty7770 15-Nov-17
From: Scooby-doo
Public lands seem to be plentiful. Any good deer hunting on them? Thank You! Shawn

From: Scooby-doo
Anyone? Shawn

From: Ollie
Never hunted that section of the state. In general, if there is good deer habitat, there will be good hunting. Don't know anything about pressure on public lands there. I have friends who hunt public lands in the southeast and they often don't see anyone else hunting. My friend has killed two public lands bucks on two separate hunts, neither hunt taking more than a few days.

From: Scotty7770
I live in Harrison county just a few miles from monona county, and the public ground in both counties are deep and rugged with hardly any pressure from other hunters. The only pressure you will find from other hunters is for the most part close to the roads. The hills are steep and full of huge whitetail bucks. Definitely a great choise for the bow hunter who is willing and able to hunt this beautiful and vast hill system which is made up of a ton of public ground.

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