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Horseshoe lake, granit city. Bend road
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From: Newhunter1
I was drawn for the hunting area of Bend Road in Granite City, IL. I think they only allow 8 hunters to hunt the 2000 acres of land. What can I expect? Any advice would be appreciated. Thinking I might bike ride to the far side of the area and hunt the area near Walker's island.

From: HeadHunter®
Some Areas of 'public hunting' do not allow access using 'a vehicle' ..... bike, horse, ATV, etc. so you might want to check the reg's for there! Do you live 'close' to this particular area? ....

From: Zim1
Since I had work down there last month, I just scouted that property just in case I ever draw which I never have. It's all flat as a pancake and super easy to scout, one of the rare places you can do so even in the summer. It's just not that thick. I'd call first to make sure they allow bikes, but if so that would be a great way to do it. The roads back in there are all closed off to vehicles.

From: Newhunter1
I called and they stated that I could ride a bike back there.

From: HeadHunter®
Do you live close to there?

From: Newhunter1
Headhunter...I live within 30 minutes of this place.

From: Zim1
Glad I didn't draw this year after all! I'm headed to southern Iowa. I'm going to be very picky so I won't tag out early and be forced to watch all the gun hunters show up during the Illinois archery season.

From: HeadHunter®
"Newhunter1" ..... good bow hunting north of Granite and east of there ..... just knock on some 'private land' doors (I grew up in that area) ..... a 'lone hunter' can still obtain some hunting ground IF they search it out and just ask I think. ..... Good Luck this season!!

From: Newhunter1
North and east...I'll give a try.

From: Newhunter1
Holy cow...the amount of deer on this property was staggering. I had a few shot opportunities, could not make it happen. I'll put in next year as I have a better understanding of the property. One less coyote.

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