Tight Spot Quivers
The Pines Recreational area Fort Peck
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From: Robear
Myself and 3 friends drew unit 632. Anyone know somebody that would be willing to rent a cabin at the Pines for a couple weeks?

From: sbschindler
I believe it is illegal if they hold a corp of engineers lease but I know people do rent them.

From: Robear
Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't considered it may be Illegal. We will look at other options.

From: Bigdan
rent a camper out of billings

From: Robear
Good idea Bigdan

From: Pryor
Get good insurance if you rent a camper...gumbo. Quite a few People get a hotel in Glasgow and drive the 40 miles to the pines every day. Great area to draw a tag...if it's dry :)

From: tradmt
The main roads where you would drag a camper ( Pines road, Willow creek and Murray roads ) are all weather roads so even in a wet fall they are fine. Taking a camper on any other road is risking it being trapped there until freeze up.

From: Robear
Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated. Is accessing from the water a good idea? We have a couple 18 ft duck boats that we could bring if that is a good idea. Kinda why we were thinking of staying at the pines, because of the launch ramp there.

From: JMG
The one issue I can foresee regarding a "duck boat" is that if a storm rolls in . . . . The waves can get pretty big and potentially swamp a boat with low profile (freeboard).

From: tradmt
Yeah, what JMG said, but I would certainly bring the boat and watch weather forecasts. I never cared to hunt from the boat most of the time but they are real handy to take an elk out.

It's a super dry year and the main ridges and spines run mostly east and west in the district..........I would imagine the elk would work the lush vegetation growing along the receding shorelines and the winds tend to be west/northwest. You'll always have the wind to your advantage in the district if you come in by boat, just sayin'

From: Robear
Thank you guys for all the solid info. Any thoughts on renting a house boat, and using the smaller boats to shuttle around in? Seems I've heard of guys doing that.

From: sbschindler
Pretty big fire right now in 632

From: 300stw
we were out there Thursday night scouting. lot of dry lightning went by bone trail. fr8day when we left. th 're 're was lots smoke east of the pines 10 miles or so. the elk we're talking all night though thru the storm

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