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Yaak / Cabinets Bear hunt
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Titan_Bow 02-May-17
Taylor 03-May-17
Taylor 04-May-17
BigOzzie 04-May-17
From: Titan_Bow
I'm heading up to the NW corner 3rd week of May. This will be my first black bear hunt. My question is, is it better to stay mobile and work logging roads, covering lots of ground? (ie. north of Libby). Or, backpack into a drainage in the Cabinets and sit and glass until you see one? I'm leaning towards the first option, but I do also love setting up wilderness experiences and doing backcountry backpack stuff. Just looking for advise from guys who've been successful bow or rifle in this part of the state.

From: Taylor
If it's still not really green in the forest stick to your logging roads they will green up the first and the bears will be hitting those roads hard. Look for a road with lots of scat cuz if he comfortable doing his business there while he's eating he's most likely coming back there. And do lots of glassing in clear cuts and avalanche shoots. That's my best advice for up north I hunted the swan for the most part though.

From: Taylor
And sorry I'm not trying to say this is the way to do it. That's just how I've been really successful with bear.

From: BigOzzie
ditto, I use the logging / gated roads, to hike. If you can get into steeper terrain where you are looking at a hillside across a creek or something that is the best glassing. But my advice is weak because I cannot say I have been really successful. This is an awesome season because you get out for the first spring moments, but I don't shoot bears, just hunt them. I quit carrying the rifle and started carrying the bow, thinking I would spot and stalk, but usually I just sit and watch, until it is too late to pursue them. They typically are out just before dark and if you watch too long a stalk is out of the question because dark will be upon you before you get close. It's a great time, keep you eyes peeled for morels, and have fun.


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