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Oklahoma Traditional Bowhunters
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Bfulldraw 04-May-17
MedicineMan 10-May-17
Bowhunter 19-Jun-17
lou sckaunt 01-Jul-17
Bfulldraw 18-Jul-17
Babbling Bob 04-Sep-17
J. h2os 05-Sep-17
Wapitidung 11-Sep-17
From: Bfulldraw
Attention Oklahoma traditional bowhunters! Announcing a new organization specially for you ! Oklahoma Traditional Bowhunters aka OTB is seeking Charter Members to kick off this new association of traditional bowhunters. Charter memberships will only be available through September 30, 2017 and will become effective Oct 1, 2017. Contact me at for further details. Regular memberships are also available and will also become effective Oct 1 if you join before then. After Oct 1st, memberships will be valid for one year from signup date. Lets get this thing started !!

From: MedicineMan
What's the purpose/mission behind the organization?

From: Bowhunter
Have sent two emails to bfulldraw with no respond. Could someone help me with information on this club?

From: lou sckaunt
don't waste your time......... its a bunch of self-aggrandizing old men

From: Bfulldraw
No one on the board, or that has signed up for membership, has done so with the intention of "self-aggrandizing". The members of the board, and all who have joined up to this point just have a passion for Traditional Archery and felt that it was time for those who chose to hunt or just shoot with Traditional equipment to have an organization of their own. It is not the intention of the OTB to put down or criticize any other means of hunting as long as it is legal and ethical. The purpose of the OTB is simply to promote the sport of Traditional Archery and to provide an organization for those with similar interest through which they can fellowship and interact with other Traditional Shooters.

From: Babbling Bob
I'm sure I'm one of those "self aggrandizing" ( what Lou Sckaunt posted above) whatever that means young fellas with an Oklahoma Senior Lifetime hunting and fishing license bought when I worked for OSU in Stillwater a few years ago, who used to be a member of the Oklahoma City Archery Association in 1962 (now the Trosper Park folks) and a charter member of the Lake Hefner Archery Association when the range was built in '63 below the dam (gone now), and shot field archery over several local states and hunted with Johnny and Betty Grubs. Betty is in the Oklahoma Archery Hall of Fame. Have seven old recurves right behind me on a gun rack up here in Westport NY in the Adirondacks with five being 1959 to 1962 old rosewood Bears. Used to hunt Camp Gruber in the very early sixties when we were some of the only folks hunting there during the week. Used to scare swamp rabbits pretty good down by Atoka. Think I can qualify for charter membership, so let me know. Steve Batten (Babbling Bob on the traditional archery forums)

From: J. h2os
Please sent more info.jeff

From: Wapitidung
Babbling Bob, guess I are also. lol. My Father started me out shooting at the Lake Hefner range way back when. I was shooting a Bear something or the other. That would be over 50 years ago. I still shoot my longbows everyday. I'm glad I read your post and saw your reference to the Lake Hefner range. I can still recall parts of the range.


Golden, Colorado

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