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Argyle Lake State Park
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sray86 05-May-17
Zim1 06-May-17
Chris S 09-May-17
Burt 13-Jul-17
Tenderfoot 03-Nov-17
From: sray86

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This will be my first year ever hunting, although I've shot a bow for sometime now and would label myself as "proficient". Hunting is something I've wanted to do forever, but I never knew anyone who was already into it. I finally decided that I may as well start on my own and maybe meet people along the way. I live halfway between Argyle Lake and Spoon River Forest Preserve. I've talked to a few people about spoon river fp and it seems to be a fairly popular spot. I can find nothing on Argyle Lake other than what the DNR reported for harvests last year. It shows 4 deer for Archery season and 4 for firearm. Those numbers seem low, so I'm not sure if I should take that as it wasn't hunted much, or there wasn't much to hunt. Does anyone have any first hand or second hand accounts of the hunting potential around Argyle Lake?

From: Zim1
Argyle is one of the few IL public properties I've not hunted nor scouted. I drew turkey at Spoon one year and I'd definitely pass on that. No thick cover and tons of stands up even way after season. I'd do Siloam Springs or even Sand Ridge.

From: Chris S
I went to western I hunted there like crazy. Good amount of deer there almost no pressure by locals. I'll send u a pm this week when I get a minute.

From: Burt
Not sure of you got the answers needed. I hunted Argyle for a couple decades of gun seasons from high school on as I have family in the area and its was tradition the weekend before thanksgiving to head out together with a $5 tag from the ranger station if someone didn't draw the county. Those recent low numbers are not from lack of participation. It's true Argyle was sleepy and overlooked for a long time. That changed dramatically in 2005 after a huge black powder buck was taken about twenty miles from there. Still not many locals during bow season as most folks there do have private land access, especially near Colchester as its a fairly sparsely populated rural area and "everyone knows everyone" so to speak. The rv camp at Argyle is usually full of guys from Alabama and Tennessee starting the last week of October through the rut or the first cold snow storm. We saw a huge decline in numbers of deer through 2013 (last season I was there). Interest in the area is still high and big deer do show up on the board at Farm King in Macomb, just the majority are killed on private land south of Macomb going toward Industry. As for hunting Argyle, hunting out of the horse camp or the north church lots following the draws always seemed to work best. Take a climber and don't be afraid to be mobile.

From: Tenderfoot
I know this is an old post but I just found it. I've been hunting in Tennessee for the past 15 years but the farmer now has the property up for sale. Id like to try argyle state park. I only bowhunt. The park manager said that the don't get many bow hunters but I am also keenly aware of hunting etiquette and don't want to infringe on someone else's hunt. Much of the park seems very thick with few suitable trees.which reduces the huntable areas. Does anyone hunt this on a regular basis that can give me a bit of guidance? Thanks.

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