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From: bowhntr
I drew the Valle Vidal second archery hunt. Going to start placing cameras in the next month or so but any extra advice is welcome.


From: Dyjack

Dyjack's Link
I hear there's elk there.

From: HDE
Link don't work.

From: bowhntr
That's the rumor.

From: Dyjack
Haha it auto puts an empty link when I post on my phone.. sorry to disappoint!

From: Broadside
Howdy yall Broadside here... after a ten year hiatus I am back. Bowhntr be prepared to loose a few cameras in your big game surveillance efforts. I personally had a camera damaged inoperable and a good bowsite bud had six cameras stolen over the course of his camera seasons. Good luck ....

From: bowhntr
In the Valle Vidal?

From: earlyriser
Unfortunately, it happens all over.

From: butcherboy
In all honesty, I don't think you need to set out trail cams in the VV. Unless you are placing them over water. Lots of elk and easy to find when they are pretty much everywhere. I never hunted the low stuff around McCrystal. I was always in the high country and into elk every day, all day.

From: mrelite
+1 butcherboy

The elk will move all over the place by the time you start your hunt and will move all over the place while you are hunting, lots of Satellite bulls. The most important thing is to get some boots on the ground and learn a few spots to start off with, after that your hunt will morph to other locations depending on what you are hearing. You will have a great hunt even if you just drove up and got out of your truck anywhere. Awesome tag, congrats!!

From: Outdoorsdude

Outdoorsdude's embedded Photo
Outdoorsdude's embedded Photo
be ready in every aspect, great hunt! wish I could do it again.

From: Coyoteugly74
Good day gents.. valle vidal in a few days and I'm so ready to be there now although walking in blind kinda worries me. Taking my pops and he's in his late 70s thankfully healthy. Any advice or areas with wallos where I can set him up. I would like to fill my tag but he's my priority. Thank you. Happy hunting. It's the first archery hunt sept1

From: Flyfishfreak
Outdoorsdude, thats a great bull buddy congrats!

From: BillL
edited...some day I'll be able to tell the difference between "Vidal" and "s Caldera".

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