Turkey tale
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From: VTer

VTer's embedded Photo
VTer's embedded Photo
After getting pretty wet opening day, I decided to take thursday off as it looked to be a descent day. It was cool and clear and I had a tom working his way to me for quite awhile. He finally poked his head up and got a look at my set-up, which he obviously didnt like as turned back away and continued on his way along the edge of the field and into the woods. About this same time i'm hearing another gobble from the opposite direction and before I know it, this jake is on top of my set. My Woodsman zipped right thru him and he was mine.

Congrats Greg! That is awesome. Well done. Steve

From: Rob in VT
Nice job!

From: bigbuck
Nice bird!! congrats!!!

From: VTslinger
Congratulations! A bird with a bow is always a rewarding challenge.

From: beanie
Grey hair

Miss those Vermont gobblers, they don't allow turkey hunting in my huge zone in Idaho. It's cheaper to buy a butterball then do a hunt here. Congrats on your bird!

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