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Packing help near Saratoga?
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hillbender 13-May-17
wytex 15-May-17
hillbender 15-May-17
jwoods 07-Jun-17
badbull 11-Jun-17
From: hillbender
First time to hunt this area and I will be solo. Ive got them out by myself before but Im not getting any younger. Ill bring this up again later this summer but wondering if anybody knows of a couple twenty year olds or a packer who might be interested in making some spur of the moment cash if I get lucky? I Im assuming the Outfitters and Ranches will have their staff busy with their customers. Are their independent packers around?

From: wytex
They have to be licensed to charge or accept any compensation. Are you hunting Sierra Madres or Snowies? Lots of roads but some steep and nasty terrain. Get a hold of the local chamber they may have some info for you. Saratoga/Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce on facebook will respond to questions.

From: hillbender
Good tip wytex. Snowy Range -Ill check with Chamber, I dont know all the ins and outs of the whole WY outfitting\packing thing and was hoping the question wasnt stepping on toes. I have a plan A (and B and C) area in mind and will be doing some scouting next month. I have a good contact in the area and he is willing to help if he can but he cant drop his job and run to help. I can get one out its just reassuring to know there might be help available if needed.

From: jwoods
I'm a little late to the party, but I've hunted antelope in that area on several occasions. I would try to get a hold of a gentleman in Encampment by the name of Lloyd Buford. He owns the butcher shop in town where we had our goats cut up before traveling home. The last time I was there, he was also the town police officer and if memory serves me right, he might have also been the mayor at some point. Super good guy to visit with. No doubt he would have some names. He always told us hunting antelope was fun, but hunting elk was just work!

From: badbull
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