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where in the world is everybody?
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swackerpw 16-May-17
Team T & A 15-Aug-17
stick n string 25-Sep-17
MDcrazyman 10-Oct-17
From: swackerpw
does anybody get on this site anymore?

From: Team T & A
Golfing I guess.

swacker, I am from PA and our state forum has lots of traffic/participation on it, pretty much year round. I checked in here a few times because I hunt deer and turkeys in Maryland(public ground) and I wanted to see what was going on and could not believe how poor the traffic was here. Its kinda crazy, cuz I know there are a lot of hunters in MD.

From: MDcrazyman
I don't use the state form much because it is weak for MD. SWACK attack, so far I have just tagged out on my OHIO buck which was on 2 Oct. Deer are changing patterns in MD and I have a good new buck showing up now. Acorns started to fall really early where I am in La Plata, like 15 sept so nothing is guaranteed as far as patterning them unless you have a really hot accord tree. Scrapes are showing up really well now too. How is it for you?

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