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Doesn't look like this site gets much activity these days, but figured I'd try to get some information. Life long archer from PA that always had interest in NJ archery hunting. I work in Delaware and just recently came across 70 acres of nice property in NJ. If I go home the NJ side it would be 5 minutes out of route. This could be useful for those days I get out of the office later than I want and can't make it into my PA Stands.

My question is the property next to the private property I have access to has signs for "Wildlife Management Area". Is this open to hunting similar to PA State Game Lands?

Thanks Dave

From: Stan NJ
I would think that would be a YES....WMA's are public hunting grounds...check out the NJ Fish n Game website.

Thanks Stan I appreciate the response.

From: Pintail
I would also add if your private property is bordered by state land, make sure you post the boundary extremely well. Or you could wind up playing border patrol more then hunting.

From: Stan NJ
And just a side note....if you have 70 private acres next to a could very well have struck gold....need a friend? LOL

From: bill v
Like stan said. need a friend???

Where you talking Dave ?

Swedesboro area. It's coming down to a time and money thing. Bill as you know I put a lot of time in the PA woods in Bucks County. I also get my Delaware license to hunt the 20 acres or company has in New Castle. Between the two I'm not sure how much more time I can free up, not to mention the cost of another out of state license. It may be to good to pass up thou. Going to get there the next few weeks and talk a walk around.

From: 4point
WMA's are public hunting land, but not anyone can just walk in there and hunt. You need to get a permits to hunt each specific WMA. I know of a WMA right across the border from Bucks County, in the Delaware Township area, the permits are sold out the first day, but I NEVER have seen anyone hunting this specific area until shot gun season and there are giants bucks in there lol I also hunt in that area but not that specific WMA since I am a non-resident and the permits are always taken by the time I get a chance to get one lol.

From: firetower
I have just stated working in the Cranbury area and am looking for hunting and a good place just to practice. It looks like there are several WMA's in this zone. I am not looking for the big Buck. I would be hunting for meat for the family.

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