Fawns dropping
New York
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From: Pat Lefemine
Saw two does each with one fawn this weekend in 6k. Glad to see some survivors. Wish they had two fawns each since the coyotes are all over the place. Wish I could kill them now.


Buckstopshere 's embedded Photo
Buckstopshere 's embedded Photo
Quite a few fawns on the trail cams this year, singles and twins.

got some fawn pictures the last week of may, seems early this year.


Buckstopshere 's embedded Photo
Buckstopshere 's embedded Photo
When we see fawns in the last week of May, I always think that it supports the notion that we had a mid-November rut as the peak rut. But a sizeable percentage of does came into estrus 26 or so days prior, hence these "early" fawns.

From: Scooby-doo
Pat don't wish just, do as Nike ad says. Bastards should be killed year round! Scooby

From: Squash
Seen plenty of fawn tracks and saw my first fawn on my property today. Yesterday just up the road from my home there was a road killed fawn lying in the middle of the county road. I stopped because it was still kicking, but as soon as I got to it it was dead.

From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's MOBILE embedded Photo
Pat Lefemine's MOBILE embedded Photo

This doe beds with her fawn every day next to my pole barn. Smart! It's the only place the coyotes will never go.

From: T ZEKE
Pat I have seen the same thing year after year with fawns in the high grass right by our barn. coyote pressure for sure ...Tom

From: Squash
I don't know about the coyotes in your areas, but where I live a barn ,garage , or house does not deter coyotes. Heck one of the best coyote trappers in central NY, catches many coyotes right in barn yards.

From: scentman
Sqash, I believe it may have to do with scent or activity by humans keeps the yotes at bay, I have a red fox that dens right near my house I believe for the same reason. Sadly this year working a lot, and the yotes did kill some red pups... They are nasty animals.

From: Squash
there's plenty of human scent around my home, coyotes are in my yard on a weekly basis. I trap Coyotes and human scent only bothers them if it's on or in close proximity to something they want to eat. Like I stated above, Mark Zagger, one of the best coyote trappers in NY, catches many coyotes within feet of barns and other buildings. So I don't see how a doe setting up her fawn next to a building would have anything to do with discouraging a coyote from killing it ?


Buckstopshere 's embedded Photo
Buckstopshere 's embedded Photo
Not the best photo, blurry, finally this doe with her three fawns in one frame. Pretty rare for a doe to have three around here, let alone get them to this stage with all the bear and yotes around. I have had her on cam all summer, many times two fawns would be in the photo, but never lucky enough to get the third.

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