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New York
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deerslayer37 31-May-17
HoytCountry 12-Jun-17
drslyr 19-Jun-17
Huntinglife 10-Oct-17
From: deerslayer37
I am from Western NY and looking for hunting partner . I am looking for a partner or small group to team up with. I usually hunt deer and turkey, but would be interested in out of state hunting also. I have taken different trips for bear and whitetail. Just want to see if there is anybody in the same boat as me that would like to team up.

From: HoytCountry
me but poor

From: drslyr
Where you at in western NY?

From: Huntinglife
Im in east otto always looking for a partner i actually wanna hunt bobcat and bear and coyote but i dont like hunting for preditors by my self i dont find that strategic nor smart lol but thats just me

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