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MBH questionaire
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Jon Stewart 03-Jun-17
buckhammer 03-Jun-17
Jon Stewart 03-Jun-17
Burly 03-Jun-17
happygolucky 04-Jun-17
BOWNUT 04-Jun-17
Stickbow Felty 07-Jun-17
BIG BEAR 08-Jun-17
razorhead 12-Jun-17
From: Jon Stewart
I was sent a 2 question survey via an e-mail. #1: would I be in support of the APR being in place for zone 2. #2 would I be in support of a special permit hunt, any deer, with a GUN from Oct 1 to Oct 14.

Is the DNR really considering another special gun hunt during bow season?

From: buckhammer
A special permit gun hunt for who?? As the years tick by I lose a little more interest in deer hunting in this state. I am so sick and tired of all of these special hunts.

From: Jon Stewart
In reading the proposal they are looking at letting the farmers buy management tags (kill Permits) and use them from Oct 1 to Oct 14. The permits allow them to shoot bucks or does. With any weapon including a gun.

I cannot believe how the DNR has screwed up bow hunting with all the Sept seasons and now this.

From: Burly
It's sad what they have done to our deer seasons in Michigan.

From: happygolucky
Man Jon, that is a terrible proposal. Farmers can get ag tags and kill antlerless deer all summer long. When I was hunting in Menominee, my friend's land borders a big farm and they had people shooting at them all summer long, sometimes leaving them lay. They took long shots and didn't care if there were antlers or not for the most part. That activity made the bucks around there very nocturnal.

What a slap in the face that would be to bowhunters having the "special" season right at the opener.

That is crazy.

I think Chad Stewart the DNR deer specialist doesn't like bow hunters very much.

I hope they send me a questionnaire...... I'll write on it that I'm in favor of opening up does again to bowhunters across the U.P., and send it back to them.

From: razorhead
well Big Bear, one thing you can not do in this country is stock pile deer, and I agree with you,,,,,,, you may think I am nuts, but I keep logs, and we are about to get hit with a severe winter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nature is cruel, and this winter will take its toll

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