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Cow Elk hunting question
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deerslayerjb 05-Jun-17
sawtooth 06-Jun-17
deerslayerjb 06-Jun-17
Bigdan 06-Jun-17
From: deerslayerjb
This my first bowsite post. I would like to go cow elk hunting in Montana this year. If anyone can recommend a guide/outfitter, that would be appreciated.


From: sawtooth
It would depend on your area of licensing and permits. I have heard Flatwillow Creek Outfitters is excellent, they have access to a lot of unit 410 elk.

From: deerslayerjb
Thank you, I'll check them out.

From: Bigdan
But you had to apply for a elk B- tag before june 1st that was last week to hunt 410 or any of the LE units you can still buy a general elk tag and hunt some of the general units for cows But your going to pay over $800 for a license were a B-elk tag runs $275

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