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Javelina Draw- Help Please
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Copey 08-Jun-17
WDP 09-Jun-17
Mountain sheep 09-Jun-17
StickFlicker 09-Jun-17
osage 09-Jun-17
notags 10-Jun-17
From: Copey
Hello guys and gals,

I'm going to be in Phoenix for a work trip in October. I would really like to hunt some javelinas if possible. However, reading through the Arizona game laws I'm very confused. I can't find any Javelina hunt choices to apply for. The only hunts I see are youth hunts. What am I missing? How do I find the Javelina hunt choices to apply for? When are season, etc? Any help would be appreciated!!!! Thank you!

From: WDP
Looks like you'd be out of luck in October. The over the counter is for Aug 25 - Sep 14, 2017. Jan. would be a better time frame with better choices. IMO


From: StickFlicker

StickFlicker's Link
Javelina hunts for adults are mostly in the Spring (Jan-Mar). All of the Fall hunts are Youth only, with the exception of a few OTC archery hunts in the northern third of the state (not normally considered Javelina territory except for the occasional few here or there). The Spring hunt permits are by drawing, with the last day to apply normally occurring the second Tuesday in October. My link is to the hunt regulations for Spring hunts from last year. The regulations for the 2018 hunts won't be out until the early Fall.

From: osage
What dates are applications for Jan '18 Javelina accepted ?

From: notags
starting in September, deadline will be the second Tuesday in October

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