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Wasatch mtn archery elk hunt
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Natedawg621 10-Jun-17
Tjw 11-Jun-17
YZF-88 22-Oct-17
bigshooter750 08-Nov-17
YZF-88 08-Feb-18
From: Natedawg621
So I drew the limited bull tag I know a few areas just looking for advice where to scout

From: Tjw
Willow creek above soldier creek. It is open to motorcycle. Bulls seem to hang out next to the dark stuff. Pm me if u go up that way and i can be more specific.

From: YZF-88
Any update from your hunt?


From: YZF-88
I saw this hunt had a 33% success rate in 2017. That's quite impressive given the herd condition due to the plethora of cow and bull tags given out like candy.

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