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Unit 15 elk
New Mexico
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Skullmaster33 15-Jun-17
wade 19-Jun-17
arctichill 19-Jul-17
ohiohunter 20-Jul-17
JSW 21-Jul-17
78cj5 24-Jul-17
JSW 23-Aug-17
baerman 31-Aug-17
JSW 06-Sep-17
78cj5 08-Sep-17
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baerman 27-Sep-17
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wade 02-Oct-17
Excited for my 2nd trip to the gila wilderness . 2 scouting trips set for August who else is heading down there? Hoping for a rain!!

From: wade
Headed back also to the pie town area, cant wait

From: arctichill
Not aware of any wilderness in 15??

From: ohiohunter
I think it was a generalized statement.

Looks like there is a lot of rain head that way over the next week and a half.

From: JSW
I scouted unit 15 last weekend and it is still very dry. It rained on me pretty hard on Friday but it looked like the rainfall was very localized. Most of the unit was quite depressing. I hope to get back down there next week.

From: 78cj5
Got back today after a quick check on deer in 23. Don't bother sitting water as it is pooled up in the road every 100 yards or so. Mosquitos at 8000 ft. elevation about 1/2" long. Rained all last night on the way down and started again at 11:30 on the way home.

From: JSW
I was scouting last week and there is still a lot of water everywhere. I've never seen it this wet. The elk are looking good and really spread out because of the increased moisture. It's looking like it will be a good hunt but hunting water will be tough. They are still coming in to the good tanks but instead of every other day it's only about once a week at best. A week or 2 of dry weather can change this dramatically. Good luck everyone and if you are hunting the early hunt, let us know how it goes. Jim

From: baerman
heading down in 12 days for the second season. Feels like Christmas as a little kid!!! Good luck to all!

From: JSW
Any reports from the first elk hunt?

From: 78cj5
Still going. Wait until they all get back next week. They got until Thursday.

From: wade
We are headed out the 13 th ,,, hunt starts the 15 th,, good luck to every one. Wade

From: baerman
anyone do any good? I missed a unique 6 by dropper with trash, called him freak nasty. Still not sure what the heck happened but I must have had googly eyes as he was only 20 yds and my arrow flew 5 feet left. did not see another 330+ or unique bull I wanted to take but did call in 14 different bulls. most of which came in on the last half of the hunt.

From: JSW
I shot a nice 6pt on the 8th day. I had a really fun hunt with close calls on 3 or 4 good bulls. 3 in the 340-350 range and one freak bull. It was a good hunt. Lot's of hunting pressure though. I think everyone was hunting the same ridges as me.

From: wade

wade's embedded Photo
wade's embedded Photo
Third trip finally killed a decent 6x5 ,, 10 days of highs and lows last day of the season they were going crazy,. wade

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