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Outfitter Welfare Legislation
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Zim1 17-Jun-17
DeerJesus 23-Oct-17
Xman59 26-Oct-17
bowslinger 2 26-Feb-18
From: Zim1
Maine's long and illustrious history of moose permit manipulation and alienating the common man continues. This time it's nonresident tags converted into outfitter welfare. As if their legislators haven't cheated long time investors bad enough. Unreal. Wonder how much coin representative Stanley of Medway pocketed on this deal. Apparently the outfitter lobby found he was a better purchase than Troy Jackson last year.

From: DeerJesus
Is the hunt going away! I got 2 moose in Maine!

From: Xman59
LOL ZIM still using 2010 news stories in 2017. All lotteries change and no guarantees. I see that the 2% comes from NR which is approximately 42 tags. I do believe the state issues more nuisance tags. I guess its bad that they also tried to increase the auction tags for education.

Again your term of "long term investor" is a poor choice. Long term lottery participant would be much better. As everybody knows investing ones' future in a lotteries is a lousy strategy. I know "lousy" hardly seems a technical term, but even Forbes chooses this as a technical term in categorizing an investment strategy.

This goes with putting all your trust in lottery to insure your ability to hunt a moose. But your semantic abuse is amusing.

I did enjoy your inference that the elected officials were bribed by the welfare lobby. Please provide any current news articles for your support of this corruption.

One last note, it seems your continue support of the Maine Moose lottery , while telling others to stay hypocritical and a warped method of improving your chances.

From: bowslinger 2
Well said.

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