Carbon Express Arrows
Terry Peak TAC
South Dakota
Contributors to this thread:
Skullwerx 19-Jun-17
DR 20-Jun-17
Animal Killer 21-Jun-17
Brotsky 21-Jun-17
DR 21-Jun-17
Griz34 21-Jun-17
From: Skullwerx
Who's gonna be there this weekend?

From: DR
Wish I could Jake, daughter flew in for a visit so spending time with her and moving. Have fun, I know Rick, Jesse and Ashley have worked hard on it.

Would like to go but ended up working this weekend. Sounds like a great crowd heading out there this weekend. Good luck and have fun

From: Brotsky
I hope to be there on Saturday!

From: DR
Let us know how it goes Jake and Brotsky! Personally, I don't think I own enough arrows to make it through the course from what I hear. ;-)

From: Griz34
I requested the weekend off and got denied, so it looks like I'll be carrying mail instead!

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