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Unit 16a packer
New Mexico
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Deadhead5x5 21-Jun-17
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Deadhead5x5 11-Jul-17
From: Deadhead5x5
Hi, I was fortunate enough to draw a second season archery tag in unit 16a this year. I am reaching out to see if anyone has any past experience in this unit hiring a packer to pack out there elk. Any referrals/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

From: zia
Doubt you need a packer in 16a, usually you are within a mile or 2 of a road in most of the unit. 16B is the wilderness unit .

From: Stoney

We can help you out as we have if not me, my niece and husband and another packer or two who work for me. 16A is roaded pretty much but some of the best elk country is away from the roads 2 to 5 miles and no way you can get one out by yourself in September. Or you can hunt the roads like so many do and join the ole rat race with their quads, side by sides and all of the commotion and traffic on the roads. Send me a PM or if that doesn't work I can put some phone numbers on this site for you.

From: smarba
Stoney is a straight shooter

From: splitlimb13
Tom's outfit is top notch !!

From: Deadhead5x5
Stoney, Could you pm me some contact info? Thank you, Shaun

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