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Bows the way 22-Jun-17
killinstuff 22-Jun-17
razorhead 26-Jun-17
Burly 27-Jun-17
happygolucky 28-Jun-17
From: Bows the way
Anyone else having higher then normal water/flooding this year in UP. Frist time ever i had to drive through foot deep water getting to my property. Seeing really good deer numbers though. Also can anyone explain the liberty hunt and how it relates to UP. As I understand does are off limits for kids.

From: killinstuff
Lot's of rain in northern MI, the UP and WI this year. Rivers have been high all spring and Lake Michigan is up a foot and half. It happens.

From: razorhead
Well it is wet from LaAnse to Iron River,,,,, trout streams are well over the limit, but as they settle,, late July should be great fishing,,,,, in my opinion you will have a rough winter,,,,,,,,, seeing a lot of deer,,,,,,,,,,,,, also several wolves are sick in the Paint river area, with Parvo, hope it spreads,,,,,,,,,

From: Burly
I agree with you on the bad winter razor, to bad on the wolves. Not.

From: happygolucky
Holy crap is it wet on my land in Esky. I've been waiting on my dozer guy to finish some work he started late winter and there is no way he's getting in with his big trucks. My biggest food plot is still flooded out. I'm guessing it will be smaller than last year and planted late in August. Luckily, I have 2 smaller ones on higher group that grew well and the deer are hammering them.

This rain has been good for me with my 6 new pear/apple trees seeing I am 3.5hrs away and can't get there to water. That said, I really need it to dry out up there. We have the same issue at our place in northern WI.

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