Got A Little Blood Tracker
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Zbone 29-Jun-17
Saphead 07-Jul-17
From: Zbone

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Zbone's embedded Photo
I posted this over on the main forum the other day...

Picked up "Elsa", German for noble... :^) last Friday... She's a 9-week old, black and tan, standard size, smooth hair "Teckel" of European bloodlines... (See: American name is Dachshund, although she's from serious hunting dog bloodlines in which there are only a handful of breeders in the US... Both her parents specialize in blood tracking...

She's adapted very well to home and household now, all is good, and hope to start blood trail training soon...

From: Saphead
Zbone Congrats on the little hound. That will be fun finding someones deer they would not have found. You might get calls all hours of the night tho, asking if Elsa is home and available. :) Good luck with her!

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