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Bighorn sheep activity in August
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INbowdude 30-Jun-17
Topgun 30-06 02-Jul-17
INbowdude 02-Jul-17
glunker 13-Jul-17
From: INbowdude
Hey Wyoming folks, I drew an area 3 tag and will be bowhunting the opener. What are the rams doing this time of year and will they be up at the top, in the timber, down low? Also, what are the bugs like in the mountains around August 15? Besides the solar eclipse bugs that will be out. Any help and hints will be appreciated. Mike

From: Topgun 30-06
Normally they will be way up high that time of the year, but if there is timber there don't be surprised if they hole up in it at least part of the day. You'll have bugs to deal with unless there is an untypical real cold stretch to knock them down.

From: INbowdude
Thanks Topgun. I appreciate that.

From: glunker
Make sure your get the kill site/date info from fish and game. The areas that show early kills will tell you where the sheep are in Aug. Good luck

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