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60 days until the 1st Archery Elk Hunt !
New Mexico
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Jgrossetete 03-Jul-17
78cj5 03-Jul-17
ohiohunter 05-Jul-17
Cheesehead Mike 05-Jul-17
ohiohunter 06-Jul-17
Outdoorsdude 07-Jul-17
From: Jgrossetete
60 More days until I kill my 1st Archery Bull Elk. What unit is everybody hunting?

From: 78cj5
How come the days are going by faster and my hunting to-do list is getting longer?

From: ohiohunter
cj5, you couldn't be anymore on point with your statement. I'm still waiting for this extra weight to disappear! Wishing it away doesn't seem to be working.

I'm hunting the unit that I drew a tag for... ;^)

From: ohiohunter
I plan on doing something very similar to what Mike is gonna do.

From: Outdoorsdude
Nope! 425 days till potentially hunting archery elk......... 40ish days till bear though.

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