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Hello friends, after a heavy dry late fall / winter finally the rains have arrived and the outdoors come wet again. Am wondering how's the breed is going on your area, may can we talk about it? I found some signs of breed in my are but I am not sure how this dry winter may have affected to the breeding. Dry weather = scarce food = bad rut. Happy 4th July ¡¡¡

From: itshot
not sure if you are talking about pre-rut, but if so it would be far south, where are you located?

as for wet & dry, it may affect movement and bedding but not likely to affect rut..these are resilient animals that adapt to most resilient I will make a bold prediction: the Rut in Florida will occur, like clockwork, between July and February! Somewhere! haha...

Best of luck this year Jordi! Have fun scouting, let us know what you're seeing out there

Hi Greg, Am located Central Florida, near Mickey home !!!! No, Am not talking about pre-rut. Just about new births because scarce food in fall means poor rut and poor breeding. There are a lot ot hings I need to learn about the rut time here in FL. I have heard something like FL have different times depending the place. If I ain't in mistake he first rut time occurs S FL like Everglades and then rut is going up thru FL. Please, if I am in mistake, feel free to correct me. regards

From: JL
Just talked to a buddy that hunts one of the WMA's NE of Mickey. He is seeing fewer spotted fawns on his cams so far.

From: Thunder43
Have multiple spotted fawns on my cams NE FL. Mostly in July.

From: JL

JL's embedded Photo
JL's embedded Photo
My buddy is finally getting some deer action.

From: Swampbuck
About a month +/- till the rut starts up in my area, can't wait!

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