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Chadron Public Land
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Sureshot125 06-Jul-17
Mark 09-Jul-17
bobbinhood 11-Jul-17
Mark 11-Jul-17
shb 15-Jul-17
From: Sureshot125
Has anyone hunted in the state land near Chadron? We are headed there next week to check it out. We are from Michigan. Looking to bow hunt there first week of sept. Is there hunting pressure, buck size, quad issues etc there?

From: Mark
I am from Wisconsin and the area seemed interesting to me, and I too was planning a scouting trip soon. About a week ago I had sent an email to Shelley Steffl the Nebraska wildlife biologist for the area and have not heard back yet. I had asked the same questions you are asking. I plan to call someone Forest Service office for Nebraska National Forest near Chadron.

From: bobbinhood
Check out the Halsey area! Its 90,000 acers of Ponderosa pines and oaks and has both mule deer and whitetail! And it a lot closer! Camping available!

From: Mark
Thanks Bobbinhood. The terrain near Halsey does not appear to be quite as steep as Chadron. What's your assessment of the hunting and ATV pressure during the archery season? I did notice there are three campgrounds, one of which appears to be good sized.

From: shb
The national forest at Halsey NE is the motor sports capital of NE, if not the Midwest.

There isn't enough parking for all the trailers, motorhomes, 4wheeler enthusiasts.

Despite what the G&P is selling you, you will not find public ground in NE that doesn't get pounded.

You'll see these threads every season on every hunting site out there, web wide, but you never see the follow up reports about the awesome time the guys had.

There's a reason for that.

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