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Hunting Clubs "Near" Orlando?
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haden_mcg 08-Jul-17
JL 09-Jul-17
haden_mcg 10-Jul-17
Moben 13-Jul-17
Swampbuck 13-Jul-17
haden_mcg 15-Jul-17
From: haden_mcg
Hi everyone,

My wife and I just moved to Orlando from Alabama. I've been researching the WMAs in the area, and I'll probably give them a shot eventually, but I've always been a part of a club and like the freedom of being able to hunt when I want (given understood limitations). I'm not having much luck finding clubs online (which, most clubs won't be advertised online), so I figured I'd search forums for some info. If it helps, here's a little about me: My name is Haden McGill and I'm 25 years old. I made the move to Orlando after accepting a job as a Systems Engineer, and have only been here for a few weeks. I like to hunt whitetail and turkey, but I'm mainly concerned with deer. Typically, I kill 3-5 deer a year with my bow. Currently I shoot a Pearson Z-32, but I look to upgrade soon.

So, if anyone knows of clubs within, say, an hour of the Union Park area, please let me know! Thank you.

From: JL
You may have some luck going to some of the small mom-n-pop fishing and hunting stores and asking them. I know there are (were) some clubs along Hwy 50 east of Orlando. If you don't mind driving a couple of hours....

From: haden_mcg
JL, Thank you for replying. Yeah, I figured asking around, once I get to know a few people, may be the best way to find out. Thought about asking the guy at the gun counter at Academy Sports the other day, but he didn't look like he did much hunting haha. I'm gonna checkout the links you've provided.

From: Moben
Most of the big hunt clubs are on the Morman Ranch. They are very expensive and cover about ten thousand acres each if I remember correctly . Post on the Florida Sportsman forum under Hunt Camp and you might get some responses

From: Swampbuck
Deseret Ranch is in St. Cloud off 192. That's the Morman ranch, it's 350,000 +\-acres. Moben is right most of the leases are 10,000 acres with I believe 16 leasees per lease. I've hunted there and wasn't impressed. To expensive, to many rules. Waste of money!

From: haden_mcg
I appreciate y'all responding, fellas.

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