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Youth hunt Question
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mk0035 08-Jul-17
Quailhunter 08-Jul-17
From: mk0035
I know that this is a bow hunting forum but would like to ask for advise on the James Collins WMA. My 8 year old daughter drew in for October 27th thru 29th , we have never been in there and she has never killed a deer would just like to get her on some deer

From: Quailhunter
We hunted it last year. Son missed his first deer. For the youth hunts, the food plots are a good bet. Call and talk to the bio. It's a good hunt and they make it fun for the kids. They'll feed them and have a safety meeting before it starts. Primitive camping with toilets but no shower. Good time of year to camp. We also drew the gun hunt there last year. Brother killed a nice one. There are good deer down there.

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