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Steve and Annette Schindler
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From: Papa John
This is long over due, but I want to thank Steve and his wife for all the work they did during our legislative session notifying MBA members and other bowhunters of pending bills and votes affecting sportsmen and sports women in Montana. If it hadn't been for "watch dog" Steve, I would not have even been aware some some of the proposals out there. I think he and Annette did a tremendous service to all of us and they receive my heart felt thanks for their labors.

From: JMG
Yes, I agree. Thanks Steve and Annette.

Thank you for all that you do

Thanks again Big Steve:)

A lot of hunters and fisherman are reclusive and don't want to get involved in political and legislative stuff. It's hard to get sportsman to get involved at times because of that mindset that makes them good at what they do out in the woods.

Steve has always been willing to help and get involved for decades. He taught me and a pile of other snot-nosed kids bow hunters safety classes too. Whether you disagreed with some of his positions or not, you could never say he didn't care..........

From: rooselk
Ditto to all of the above. I couldn't agree more.

From: SBH
Thank you sir

From: sbschindler
well thank you guys, I would like to say there are some real work horses out there and mostly I just forward info along, there is something that is very apparent in dealing with sportsmen's issues in the legislative and FWP commission, as sportsmen we all have a common enemy and we have to stick together, there are actions that will decrease our outdoor endeavors and we have to do what we can to insure our heritage.

From: tradmt
Yup, I wouldn't have a clue about what's going on without Steve! Thanks bud!

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