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Colorado 76 Elk
South Dakota
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Saphead 09-Jul-17
leftee 11-Jul-17
SDBugler 23-Jul-17
From: Saphead
I finally am hunting in colorado this fall. Has anyone been there that would be willing to pass on some info? Thanks

Doug S

From: leftee
Hi.Am at my cabin so no files.Checked online and never hunted there.Did see in my search that a lot of info was available on it including a DIYI blog or 2. Good luck!

From: SDBugler
My dad and I have hunted that unit 4 times. we started hunting that unit back in the early 90's when it only took a couple points to draw. Our last hunt was in 2015. Dad is 74 and I'm 52 so we likely will never build up enough points to ever draw again. Luckily my three sons have 11, 10 and 6 points each. Looking forward to taking each of them to this unit.

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