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Long shot question
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killinstuff 10-Jul-17
BOBSTER 16-Jul-17
From: killinstuff
This is a long shot but here goes. I've hunted hogs in Tx a number of times and have some good ranches were I can stay and just go do my thing without having to have a "guide" or limits on how many hogs I can kill. I just use a longbow so if I get a a shot opportunity a day and kill two or three in the 6 days I'm there its been a good week. I bird hunt a lot too and have good dogs. I go from MI to MT and down to KS for everything that flies but I haven't killed quail in Tx. The ranches I hunt lease out the quail hunting separate and quail are off limits to me. I do know better than to mess with someones Texas deer or quail lease and I like staying on the good side of the hosts.

So my question is does, anyone have a line on any outfits that might have a few hogs and a few birds I can reach out to? It would be after deer season, most likely February. Im not looking for a full blown operation where they have a quail feeder in every pasture and 20 covey days. Just looking for room to roam on a fair size ranch.


It sounds like you have been doing this without paying, and I wish I could help you out with that, but cannot. Looks at First Point Bowhunting Ranch. He runs a great day hunt operation, and after deer season ends, he starts his quail hunting operation. But like most other good quail places, it gets booked up fast also.

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