Elected Officials letting NY down again
New York
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Petcontain 12-Jul-17
Pat Lefemine 14-Jul-17
Mint 17-Jul-17
Silverback 17-Jul-17
bow shot 18-Jul-17
Squash 18-Jul-17
From: Petcontain
Well the State Senate and Assembly has gone on vacation again. No action on:

1 Crossbows 2 Youth hunting age limits 3 Antler restrictions

I don't care what side of the fence you are on with these issues, nothing at all was done. They are now on vacation. Time for new people.

From: Pat Lefemine
Petcontain, It's been time for new people for 50 Fn years in NY!!

From: Mint
New York has much bigger problems then our hunting issues. Time to drain the swamp and throw 1/2 of them in jail.

From: Silverback
Only half of them?

From: bow shot
LOL! these are the best posts I've seen in years!!!

From: Squash
Only half of them ???

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