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Elk & Deer B tags came out today
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Bigdan 17-Jul-17
hoyt-6190 17-Jul-17
SmokedTrout 18-Jul-17
JL 20-Jul-17
From: Bigdan
Today elk and deer b tags were posted. my granddaughter drew a bull gun tag. and now she has the youth cow B tag and a B deer tag. with her deer A tag she has some hunting to do

From: hoyt-6190
I struck out here. Hope archery season is a success this fall!

From: SmokedTrout
Your granddaughter is going to have some fun Dan. Keep the knives sharp! I drew a deer B tag. Come on antelope. I like to think with 4 bonus points I will draw antelope, but I thought the same thing last year with 3

From: JL
Waiting on some antelope tags myself...along with the big game combo alternate list.

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