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Need some hunting buddies for bow season
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Lsu1619 18-Jul-17
justinspicher 19-Jul-17
oldgoat 20-Jul-17
PilotBowhunter 24-Jul-17
jordanathome 15-Aug-17
69CaveMan 02-Sep-17
yooper89 04-Sep-17
ElkHuntr1234 05-Sep-17
69CaveMan 05-Sep-17
From: Lsu1619
New to Co.. need a buddy for bow season that knows the state.. 35 yrs old in good shape. Please reply if you've got room for one more!

Where do you want to hunt?

From: oldgoat
No kidding, if you don't find somebody this way, pick a spot on the map that has otc tags and go just camp by somebody and introduce yourself. I always had to hunt by myself when I was in the Navy, rarely couldn't I find somebody to camp and often hunt with, just make sure they are fit looking in case you need help packing!

Hey! I'm headed to Unit 14 September 1. I don't know the area but I'll be staying for 2ish weeks. If you're in that area let me know. I'll probably need help getting elk out and would be happy to help you out. Wishfull thinking of course.

Ill be heading to CO August 23 around Gunnison for 2 weeks. Myself and a friend will be hunting unit 53 for OTC DIY elk. I do not know the area but plan on putting some miles on my legs and feet to find fresh elk sign and elk.

From: jordanathome
This is awesome! WTG Bowsite!

I just think its funny that folks say they won't tell anyone anything about where they hunt when they run into folks in the field, lie their pants off, etc. Criticize (constructively not negatively) folks who share pics and stories about hunts and scouting trips saying you are ruining your unit, everyone is gonna hunt your spots.

Then you get responses from good folks like this helping out a fellow hunter......warms the heart. #faithinhumanity

From: 69CaveMan
My hunting pals just bailed on me for an archery hunt 14-20SEP2017

We were going to use OTC either sex elk tags to hunt holy cross and frying pan wilderness areas between leadville and basalt, CO.

Couple days from truck and couple days from bivvy


From: yooper89
^^ with a username like 69caveman I wish I could do some hunting with ya! I just finished up a 5-day elk hunt - unsuccessful. 95% chance I'm flying to Houston this week to help with the hurricane clean up so I think my 2017 archery season is over.

From: ElkHuntr1234
I am planning on hunting GMU 37 and 28 outside of Silverthorne. My hunting partner has bailed and I am looking for a new partner. I am 31 and plan to hike in 2-4 miles to camp in the back-country and hunt out of there. Anybody interested??

From: 69CaveMan
I was hoping to archery hunt through holy cross wilderness 14-20SEP but I am flexible

When were you thinking of going to silverthorne?

Give me a call



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