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Gmu 36a
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Marc W. 20-Jul-17
Marc W. 01-Aug-17
From: Marc W.
Going to try this unit for the second half of archery season. Does anyone know where there is meat storage in Hailey or Ketchum? Possibly a reputable packer? Also if you care to respond by pm,I am considering targeting the areas of Bowery creek and east pass creek. I have no knowledge about this area other than google earth scouting and Idaho f&g maps. 2 of us will be packing in once the elk are located but will use a base camp to remain mobile until then. If you care to share any insight on the unit,not spots obviously, I would be grateful. Thanks.

From: Marc W.
Has anyone ever hiked in up hunter creek in unit 50 to access the unit? Seems like a good way in the back door. Wondering what the hike is like. Keep this to pm,s only please. Thanks.

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