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South Carolina
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XbowfromNY 24-Jul-17
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Bull-Tipper 03-Aug-17
Tigerman10 14-Aug-17
Redheadtwo 04-Sep-17
XbowfromNY 15-Sep-17
From: XbowfromNY
How's the Greenville area for hunting? May have opportunity to relocate there. Wondering what the hunting/fishing/golf options are. Thx.

From: sundowner
Lots of good golf courses, both public and private.

SCDNR has gone to a tag system this year. Tags are for sale for $. They are now selling deer just as they sell fish....put and take.

Fishing sucks. The SCDNR does not do much to protect the fish. No creel inspections at boat ramps. They are only interested in giving out tickets for life jackets, fire extinguishers and such.

Stay in NY if you are coming to G'ville for the hunting and fishing. Much better there.

From: Bull-Tipper
I call B.S. on the fishing sucks claim. I have no issues with getting a limit of crappie, stripers or cats (no limit). We have 8 great lakes around to choose from. As far as hunting who the heck needs to kill 10-15 deer? I wish we only could kill 3 bucks and state wide QDMA rules. Jump on in, the water is fine!

From: Tigerman10
Greenville has the shortest deer season in the state and the land is hard to come by. However there is plenty of good hunting close by. The fishing is great in the state. Lake Hartwell is a great striper and largemouth lake and the catfish is getting better there also. Lake greenwood is a fantastic crappie and catfish lake and the Santee Cooper lakes need no explanation. Lots of golf in the area with some good and some not so good courses but plenty of opportunity none the less

From: Redheadtwo
Can't say much about the golfing around Greenvile as I detest golf. Lake Jocassee west of Greenville is a good lake for trout. Lake Greenwood is a great lake for crappie,bream,catfish,and bass,mostly smallmouth but occasionally 6-10 pound largemouths have been caught (my grandfather had a knack for catching the big ones). Hogback Mountain off of Hwy. 11 is a good place to hunt. Not too many hunters as you have to walk in and the going can be rough. Too many "hunters" want to park on the edge of the road then walk 50 feet to their stand. Just go by Rose Plantation just outside of Union,SC. You'll see what I mean.

From: XbowfromNY
Thanks, all. Not moving there, would mean $50K+ decrease in salary. In other words, not worth it.

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