Getting Excited Yet?
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Is the anticipation beginning to build? I bought my licenses last weekend as I had some extra cash from summer work. At 58, I do not get as excited as I used to, but am happy to say I look forward to hanging a stand in the cooler weather and observing some of nature's gifts.

I don't expect any other posts, guess I just wanted to share today:)

From: Bake
good luck this season i am ready also

Good luck to you as well!

From: BC
I'll be traveling to MO in November. Looking forward to this hunt. Good luck when the leaves turn.

Where are you coming from BC?

From: BC
I live outside of Boston. Here in MA we are short on deer and lousy with liberals. It'll be good to get away. Looking forward to November.

Enjoy your time here, best wishes and stay safe!

From: BC
Thank you. This will be my 3rd trip to Missouri. It's always a pleasure. Hunted the last week in Oct last year and man, did we hit a hot spell. T Shirt weather by mid day. This year we are going deeper into Nov so hopefully we'll hit it right. May you have a great season as well.

From: blugrass
Welcome to Red State Mo. Good luck with your hunt. What part of Mo will you be hunting?

From: BC
We'll be up in the Putman County area, near the boarder. Love the midwest and hope to visit often.

Sitting on the porch at the cabin. Saw two fawns. Heard some Turks.

Temps going down to 57 tonight. There is joy and anticipation in my heart. Hope we all get to experience a lot more of this!

Big doe just came out!

From: gflight
Bought my next retirement place back in July and picked up my farm tags today. First time hunting land that I own. I am beyond excited with a week yet to wait.....

4 days left till opening day.

Congrats gflight!

From: gflight
Thanks. Early rise tomorrow....

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