Bear Hunting Questions
North Carolina
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goldy2416 25-Jul-17
mgmicky 26-Jul-17
goldy2416 26-Jul-17
Drahthaar 05-Aug-17
From: goldy2416
I am new to NC and hunt some land in Granville County along the Tar River. I have gotten several trail cam pix of a nice bear in the area. Can anyone give me some advice on some questions: 1. What legal baiting methods would you suggest? 2. When did you begin baiting? Summer, or wait until fall? 3. Has anyone been successful in bowhunting bears not using bait sites? 4. Any other advice? Thanks, Marc

From: mgmicky
You better check the regulations. Unless something has changed this year, baiting for bears is illegal in NC

From: goldy2416
The regulations state a lot of items that are not permitted to bait bears with, but they do allow unprocessed foods on private land. That is what I am trying to find out- what unprocessed foods have hunters used successfully.

From: Drahthaar
You can bait with any kind of grain, corn wheat peanuts ect. the earlier you start , the better. check with local game wardens for local laws. I am east of you in Hyde County. yes I have been successful with out bait. Forrest

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