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michigan elk
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elk nailer 26-Jul-17
Jon Stewart 26-Jul-17
killinstuff 28-Jul-17
gib 05-Sep-17
From: elk nailer
Hope you guys can help. I have a buddy who drew a Michigan cow tag for the early hunt in area L. Does any one know of areas where he should look for concentrations of animals. He will be bow hunting with his recurve.

From: Jon Stewart
That's a tough one to do on your own anymore. Most areas now have guide services.

From: killinstuff
Yeah, the private clubs bait the crap out of deer and elk with their food plots so that's where most guys kill elk at. And it's an easy kill, like game farm easy.

If your buddy doesn't want to pay he needs to head north and scout, scout and scout some more. Had a friend that gun killed one on public land 15 or 20 year ago but that was the late hunt. He scouted earlier and just drove roads looking for tracks and walked a lot til he got a shot.

From: gib
elk nailer ,sent you a p.m gib

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