SD Antelope
South Dakota
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Orion 27-Jul-17
Brotsky 28-Jul-17
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Dakota 29-Dec-17
From: Orion
I'm hoping to draw an antelope tag here in South Dakota, I'm brand new to antelope hunting, and I was wondering which areas would give me the best opportunity to draw, and hopefully get a decent antelope. I love to walk and vast amounts of public land would be extremely beneficial to me. Thankyou for any input.

From: Brotsky
Butte county. Unit 15A.

Most any unit has decent bucks. ones that stand out are Fall River, Harding, Meade, Perkins, and Butte. Any of these you should have decent luck finding a buck. Good luck.

From: SoDakSooner
Lots of walk in land in Meade and Butte.

From: ahunter55
My son & his wife want to try Antelope in S.D. so I've started searching. I have a Walk in map book on its way & several State ph#s to check on other things. Looking at area outside Buffalo (Clanton Rd). Will be waterhole hunting. 1-anyone familiar with that road, area & walk in areas? If so, many available waterholes or tanks? We plan on going the opener due to their work schedule. Any info appreciated. This will be her 1st out of state hunt. Son is a veteran bowhunter but she's only been at it a couple years. She has a couple missed archery shots & did kill a 8 point 2 years ago their shotgun season. Again, just looking for general information. We'll be camping too.

From: Dakota
Yes there are waterholes on the Clanton Road. It would be best if you could either make a trip out to find them before hand or get on Google Earth. The country looks huge from the road and it is fairly flat so you might not be able to see waterholes that are there super easy. Antelope will drink out of a water tank also. Be prepared because the cattle can raise hell on blinds. Best wishes on your hunt.

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